Dubs on 7

The other night I receivedĀ a few messages from people letting me know they had seen a photo of my dog Hudson on the local news station. I stayed up to catch their next broadcast and there he was! I couldn’t stop laughing, pretty cool to see the little guy on TV. Below are a few other portraits I’ve taken of him during the week.








Mr. Hudson

A few new photos of Mr. Hudson, a two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Here is a photo I took of this little guy back in January 2012 when he was looking for his “forever home.” http://andrewwongphoto.net/?p=529

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“AJ” aka Apollo Jr.

Meet AJ (Apollo Junior) who is a 4-month-old blue American Staffordshire Terrier available for adoption through Rocket Dog Rescue. After the photo shoot was over I was just about ready to adopt the little guy myself!

Check out RocketDog’s website for more info: http://www.rocketdogrescue.org/aj/






Meet “Blue!” I had the great honor of photographing this 16 year old PitBull (Yes! 16yr old!) for an upcoming article with Petco. Here’s a little background on Blue: “Blue was owner surrendered to the Lancaster Animal Shelter in March of this year at 16 years old. At that time, a rescue based in Los Angeles called Hands, Paws, and Hearts rescued him, but had to put him in boarding since their foster homes were full. Blue was not doing so well in boarding, so they put out a Facebook plea to find a foster home or adoptive home. He made the drive from Los Angeles to the Bay Area on August 23. to his new Forever Home. ”