The Bigger They Come (music video)

Back in 2010 my friend Chris Cortez from the Native Elements Band invited me over to check out the filming of their music video,”The Bigger They Come.” Here are some behind the scenes photos I took of the shoot produced by KidHeros. After almost two years in the making, I’m really happy to see everyone’s hard work come together.

Link to video:
Link to the Native Elements website:

Rhythm Natives

I’m happy to share a few promo photos I recently took of the band Rhythm Natives. ( If you’re in the LA area they are definitely worth checking out.

“Moments in Love”

Here’s a few photos for an engagement shoot I did last month for photog Danny Lee. I was honored and nervous when he contacted me about the possibility of this shoot. Partly because I never really do these types of shoots but mostly because it’s pretty intimidating working with someone whom you’ve always looked up to. Our history goes way way back and I’m happy to see how far he’s come and where he’s going with photography.

You can follow more of Danny’s work here:

“The Bay to LA”

This past weekend I jumped on an opportunity to fly down to Southern California and work with LA based creative management firm “Rick&Ray.” ( I was able to do a number of shoots for the various artists they represent. I can see this as the beginning of more visits down south  = )

Here are a few behind the scenes snap shots I took with my Pentax K1000:


You can find more info on how the weekend went over here:



Photographing Champion Cris Cyborg


Once and a while an amazing opportunity will pop up, and last week was one of them.  It’s not everyday I get the chance to photograph such an amazing person, luckily for me Strike Force Women’s Champ Cris Cyborg needed some new photos for her sponsors. Here are some photos from the promo shoot  fellow photographer Danny Lee and I cooked up!


Follow Cris Cyborg here:


Check out more of Danny’s photography here:


On to the photos……



Photo Shoot w/ Cris Cyborg


What a great long weekend this has been! I had a great opportunity to do a shoot with fellow photographer Danny Lee. I was blown away when I found out that Cris Cyborg (Strike Force Women’s Champ) would be flying in to do a photo shoot with us. Cris was such a down to earth person to meet and work with, such a humbling experience.
(photos from the shoot to be posted soon.)

Link to Cris’s website: